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She belonged from a very poor family and was accompanied to R.N.C Free Eye hospital by his son after hearing about our services. She was blind from past 6 months. When examined by our doctors, found both eyes mature cataract along with having associated condition known as Chronic Daryocystitis (Infection in tear flow connecting eye – nose). She was advised to go for DCR (Dacryo Cysto Rhinostomy) Surgery before the mature cataract could be operated. These services were only available at Surat (Nearby), but patient was reluctant to move. Our team of doctors performed DCR operation of both eyes (One at a time) and then she was operated for Cataract. She was very happy as she could see this beautiful world and her family members particularly her grandchildren after 6 months of duration. Her second eye was operated a week after and now she was able to enjoy the gift of vision provided by our hospital services. All she said was “Because of our hospital and its related services, she could be able to see her grandchildren again.”

Muktabai Dhavre