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He was brought to eye camp held by R.N.C Free eye hospital by his relatives. He was blind for 2 years and according to his testimony, he at one point in time wanted to commit suicide because of resultant socio-familial- economic problems and depression arising out of blindness. He had one eye working and he lost that eye too. He heard about our eye care services and our compassionate care and came as last resort to get vision. He was examined at eye camp by our doctors. Both of his eyes were abnormally very small because of hereditary condition called Irido-Fundal Coloboma and had hard cataract and was further advised for eye operation. Because of such complication with his eye condition and surgery involving complicated techniques, his operation was deferred from whichever hospital he visited in the past. We operated upon his ailing eyes and he started seeing the world again. He was so grateful to God almighty that he got new lease of life and thanked our trust for the efforts to bring back his vision and provide him a new ray of hope for his life. We all are thankful to our honorable donors and well wishers because of whose support we could do this. Please keep supporting us to do more for the tribal rural and all needy community.

Motiram Lahanubhai Pawar